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Your all-in-one tool
to keep track of your website’s performance

We make it easy to find what can be improved and how to do it. Optimize your SEO, speed, eco-friendliness and much more and get most out of your website today.

Step 1


We analyze your website and deliver a full report with user-friendly and well written insights on how your website is doing.

Step 2


Use analysis report to go straight to fixing the problems with our to-do list that can be sorted to match your priorities.

Step 3


We provide you with descriptions on how to work with all items in the to-do list – written in two levels, one in a user-friendly way and one for geeks so it is easy for you to take your website to the next level.

Premium experience

Reporting on

Let our tool work for you automatically. With our premium experience we continuously monitor your site and give you status reports, nice graphs for your boss, and alerts whenever something needs your attention.

This is what betterSite will monitor on your site

360 overview of your site


Enhance your site’s accessibility and make the use of it equal to all.​

Core system

Systematically improve the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.


An eco-friendly website causes not only a reduced carbon footprint, but better user-experience, SEO and speed.


Improve your search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and get better visibility.

User experience

Make the experience as meaningful and valuable as possible for your users.

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